A Round of Applause


"WOW! My jaw is on the ground and I'm almost in tears because you have captured the heart of what we truly do. The original introduction was very aspirational; this is more realistic!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"
~Margaret Alabi, Founder + CEO, The Pivot Co

“May thanks for your extraordinary work in support of Sam’s Internship app. We obviously took full advantage of your writing talents & appreciated the fresh eyes and outside perspective!” 
~Parent, Denise K., Dallas, TX

"Working with Jennifer proved to be an amazing process. She got to the heart of the message I wanted to convey, delivered copy that was ready to use immediately, and provided me with additional wording and key phrases I could use on my website. Working with her has been inspiring and motivating. She is a valuable resource and I recommend her to anyone looking for an ideal, written communication solution."
~Dana Ellington, Writer, Publisher, Lifestyle Consultant, GA Notary Public, Nowata Press

"I knew you could organize my messy thoughts and make me sound good!! You’re amazing!!"
~Pandy M.Co-Managing Partner, Xtra Pair of Hands

“You’re the best wordsmith I know. You have the uncanny ability to say more with less.  It’s a gift.”
~Phil Parker, author Grandpa does Grandma

"That was a really great description of the steps! You should work here! 🙂 It is also really helpful feedback."
~CSR at a timekeeping company

"I'm fine with everything.  Your draft shows your thought processes and that's very valuable. You created something so much better than I.  So glad I contacted you for assistance. Thank you."
~Imani L.